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Training Materials

These materials were used in the NDC Capacity Building: Access and Analysis of IMS Waveform data and IDC products for 13 – 24 February 2012 in Mexico.

01 NDC Establishement and Operation
02 Services and Technical Assistance to States Signatories
03A Introduction to Seismic Monitoring
03B Introduction to Hydroacoustic Monitoring
03C Introduction to Infrasound Technology
03D Introduction to Radionuclide Monitoring Technology
04 IMS Network and IMS Data
05 IDC Products - Standard and Non-Standard
05A IMS data and IDC products
06 Data and Product Access through AutoDRM and Subscriptions
NDC:07 Data and Product Access-IDC Secure Website
08 Access to External Database
09A Tutorial for AutoDRM
09B Subscription Hands on Tutorialx
10 Methods to Access IMS Data and IDC Products
11 Tables and Database Schema Used by the NDC Software
12 Linux Basic Advanced
13 Standard Software package for NDCs
14 Configuring and Running CD Tools
15 Geotool Tutorial
NDC:15B GeoToo_Tutorial_082011_2
NDC:16 Geotool_Tutorial_Arrivals
17 The Map in Geotool
18 The Spectrogram and Location in Geotool

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